Meet The Farmer

I was raised in a farming community in the Philippines- growing rice, corn, fruit & staple crops on over 20 acres of land. After moving to Georgia and spending many years in a corporate environment I found myself craving the return to a simpler way of life. My farm provides me with peace, quiet, and gratitude at the end of each day. I look forward to working with my community and providing my customers with best fresh & local produce throughout the year. Together we can be the difference we wish to see in the world!

- Jody

Our Mission

We believe in working with the land rather than against it. Permaculture farming employs science to determine the best relative placement of components to increase resources, create & conserve energy, and eliminate pollution & waste. 

Absolutely No Hormones

We believe that happy chickens lay the best eggs, which is why you'll find our chicks roaming happily on our free range farm and munching on a healthy diet of food scraps donated by local restaurants.

Completely Chemical Free Farming

We never use chemical fertilizers or herbicides. 

We control our plants through natural means and only use prepared compost created directly by our chickens.

Work With The Earth

We   never use any earth damaging machinery.